Is your services safe for my social accounts?2020-12-12T20:42:28+05:30

Yes. We use 100% white hat methods to boost your social profiles. We never hear that our services harmed any user who used our service. You can trust us

Are you affiliated with social networks?2020-12-12T20:43:06+05:30

No. We’re not affiliated with any social media network.

Can i change/cancel my order?2020-12-12T20:44:55+05:30

Yes you can but you should contact us immediately before we begin to process your order. You shall read more about our refund policy from here

Are the followers active profiles?2020-12-12T20:51:36+05:30

The followers may be active or inactive people but they looks like real humans. They will have profile pictures, bio, posts, etc. We could not guarantee about their engagements with you because we don’t have control of them

Do you need my username or password of my social account?2020-12-12T20:53:18+05:30

No. We don’t need that. just submit your profile link or post link on ordering page.

Can you send followers / likes to private account?2020-12-12T20:54:46+05:30

No. We can’t send followers / likes if your profile is private. It should be public

Will likes and followers are delivered all at once?2020-12-12T23:12:23+05:30

Our services use drip feed method. We deliver followers / likes gradually. This would look very natural and you will not receive a flood of likes or followers in a short period of time.

How about Instagram followers? are they permanent?2020-12-12T23:14:56+05:30

Yes. They are permanent but but you may experience 10 – 30% loss of followers in future because users may unfollow if they don’t like your content. Its not sure but may happen. If you loose them in 30 days, we’ll restore them for free.

How much time do you take for delivery?2020-12-12T23:17:06+05:30

It varies and we have mentioned delivery time on each services page itself. All instagram, soundcloud & tiktok services are instant delivery and others might take time.

How to track my order?2020-12-12T23:19:07+05:30

You can see your orders history on “my account” page. We update orders status once they got delivered. You don’t need to check for them because you will get them faster than expected.  You can email our support staff if any issues. Just drop an email here: support@socialandtraffic.com

Do you provide discounts for bulk orders?2020-12-12T23:21:36+05:30

Yes. we are ready to provide huge discounts for bulk orders. You can get in touch with our sales staff and get your discount code. Just drop an email here: sales@socialandtraffic.com

What are the payment methods?2020-12-12T23:23:47+05:30

We accept paypal & bitcoin on site. We will soon provide option to buy with credit / debit card.